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The status bar displays the coordinates of the upper left corner of the selection or the bounding rectangle for non-rectangular selections as it is being moved. In addition, it is also possible to permanently place the main window above all other windows see Floating Behavior of Main Window. However, other aspects of the ImageJ interface can also be personalized. Digits 1—8 The number digits of the incremental sequence. Copy to System, Paste Control. Note that almost every format known to ImageJ can be opened by dragging and dropping the file into the Main ImageJ window. A dialog box allows you to specify the image title, type, dimensions and initial content.

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To move the contents of a selection, rather than the selection itself, Edit. Toolbar Shortcuts Improved Grayscale readout The numeric output for 8 and 16—bit grayscale images. Note that the default crosshair can be customized as explained in Customizing the ImageJ Interface. Therefore, the data are mapped to 8—bit by windowing. Apart from the arrow styles listed here, a Headless option is also available.

Selection and management of open windows.


Double click on any line tool to specify the line width by opening the Image. Shift Shift-dragging on the canvas will adjust the brush size Alt Holding Alt makes the brush paint in background color See also: Automatic Automatically selects the best range given the intensity values of the image based on the percentage of the total number of pixel values from the lowest to highest pixel value.


The documentation for RImageJ is available at http: None of the above is saved in other formats cf. The results table supports statistics, sorting, color coding, qualifying and macro access. It can create density histograms and line profile plots. Hue increases as you go down the palette while saturation and brightness values imavej split horizontally.

Conversion and modification of images including geometric transformations.

imagej 1.46

The images must all be the same size and type. Abort Exits debug mode. To automatically outline and measure objects have a look, e.

The two numbers under the plot are the minimum and maximum displayed pixel values. Grayscale readout The numeric output for 8 and 16—bit grayscale images.

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To rotate or resize, drag the handlers on its major axis transverse diameter. Run Macro [r] Ctrl RRuns the macro or the selected line s of code. With time you will appreciate that this is necessary to minimize memory overhead. This list is also mirrored at Nabble and Gmane. For a higher value, use a unit of inch in the Analyze. Use the popup menu right-click in the Info window to save the informa- tion to a imaej file or copy it to the system clipboard. It was thought as a comprehensive, fully-searchable, self-contained, annotatable manual see Conventions Used in this Guide.


In general see Area Selection Tools and Line Selection Tools for detailsselections are resized by dragging one of the selection handlers. Extending ImageJ, Editor, Help.


Quoting Werner Bailer [3]: Skeletonize and Watershed produce detailed outputs when Debug mode is active. Dedicated tutorials on the ImageJDev webpage: Density or gray scale calibration is also available.

imagej 1.46

Left the defaultRight, or Centered. Lower slider Adjusts the maximum threshold value. Segmented Line Selection Tool, Enlarge. Thread safe JavaScript code can be generated using the Recorder Plugins.

This is done by both inverting the pixel values and inverting the LUT. If there is no selection the ROI Manager is opened. The ImageJ macro language — a Java-like language — contains a set of control structures, operators and built-in functions and can be used to call built-in commands and other macros.

On the other hand, it is slower, uses more memory, and does not behave like the file open and save dialogs used in other applications.