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Born in in Sharjah, she studied at the Ameri- can University of Sharjah. Jordanian filmmaker and member of the Amman Filmmakers Coopera- tive. A further Lebanese pioneer, Ali al-Ariss, was less fortu- nate. Lebanon in Conflict New York: Many of the films were based on Egyptian or Western commercial formulas, with no spe- cific Lebanese identity even the dialogue of many films was in Egyptian dialect , and the key development required — the creation of the infrastructure needed for a film industry to rival Egypt — could not be achieved.

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More important than this central dra- matic core is the series of glimpses the film haithamm of the impact of the Israeli onslaught on ordinary Lebanese civilians. Little beyond destruction had been achieved. Cinema in Algeria has its roots in liberation struggle of the late s and in the filmmaking undertaken as part of the Front de Liberation Nationale FLN struggle by a number of young Algerians, in- spired by the French activist Rene Vautier. Much of this took place between the ex- piry of the mandate and the United Nations proclamation of the state of Israel on May 14, All this changed with the discovery of oil in the s and its exploitation after World War II. He made numerous short documentaries and fictional films:

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He stud- ied at Sharjah University. Bint Garba16′, DV Cam. She has worked as a radio and televi- sion reporter in Finland. Yves Thoraval, Les ecrans du croissant fertile Paris: Waiting for Light She has made a number of short documentaries: The English sub- titled version of The Broken Wings does not contain snomali credits and attributes the script to Khalil Gibran, the celebrated au- thor of The Prophet.


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Star of Stars17′, Mini DV. Yet, from the s, the Israelis increased their pressure on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which they had occupied and administered since the war.

He has also made short films and televi- sion series. Her wedding night with a rich, much older mer- chant is depicted unambigiously as a socially sanctioned rape: As a whole, The Night is a complex interweaving of intense personal experiences within the family and startling political transi- tions in the street outside. Born in in London.

Has worked for some years as cameraman and graphic designer in Kuwaiti TV. Also film critic and historian, as well as novelist.

haitham shomali

Aldeen, Baqer Sadiq Zain. Born inhe began his career in Conflict of Suffering5′, video. Abbas, Hussain Ghulom Abu Jalal. Peace12′, Mini DV.

haitham shomali

Born inhe studied at Sharjah University. Innocent Eyes3′, Mini DV.

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The French sought an intricate system of checks and bal- ances: In the s and s, there are two, little documented, features produced by the Palestinian pioneer Ibrahim Hassan Sirhan, who had been driven into exile into what was then Trans-Jordan, a hqitham piece by the Palestinian-born Mohamed Kaouach, and two works on the Palestine liberation struggle by Abdel Wahab al-Hindi.


For example, the French Fonds Sud, set up in and just one of the numer- ous French film production aid haitha, has contributed to films by fifty- one Maghrebian and thirty-two Middle Eastern Arab filmmak- ers, many of them resident in Europe.

The couple’s journey takes them through a landscape of horror, where whole communities have been devastated.

haitham shomali

Princeton University Press, He worked as an engineer before turning to journalism and the cinema and becoming a film critic for Al-Watan. She worked as a journalist until the Israeli invasion, when she moved to Tu- nis. Iraq became fully independent in as a monarchy, and this situation lasted, despite nationalist unrest, untilwhen a military coup by the so-called Free Officers abolished the monarchy and shomaali both the royal family and the prime minister.

But it also trained two generations of Syrian film- makers by offering bursaries for study in the Soviet Union at film schools in Kiev or Mos- cow.

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She studied at the American Universi- ty of Sharjah. Edinburgh University Press, Born in in South Lebanon, he studied at the Insti- tute of Dramatic Art and worked on cultural programs for children. He studied filmmaking in Moscow and subse- quently worked as a documentary filmmaker for Syrian television.