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The texts identified are the following: Tercia pars ubi exemplo sui prouocat adolescentulas ut se- quantur. Sacra scriptura altitudine sua superbos irridet, pro- funditate sua doctos terret, simplicitate sua humiles docet. An old, but not contemporary foliation in ink70, at the top of the page: Revendiquez gratuitement votre fiche de commerce pour que vos modifications soient publiées immédiatement.

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What this numeral refers to, is not known with certainty either. Castigo corpus meum etc. We find the unmistakably personal tone of the postscript in a few other places in MS Assisi as well:. Further on it will become apparent that this theory is confirmed in every way possible. It is a striking fact that the apparatus of exegetic terms used in the first prologue differs from that in the second. Confusion about quire XII.

On the other hand, the Munich and Oxford codices, both probably written by skilled professional scribes, do not pose any problems at all.

7ira w 8ira

The compound nature of the Utrecht compilation is bound to lead to bibliographical confusion. 8irra a later e a number of these passages were written down after all, viz.

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Cogitanti michi canticum promere laudis cuiuscumque ad honorem uirginis amorose, ipsa pía virgo riuos amoris scaturiens, ut prophetico alludam eloquio, inmisit in os meum canticum nouum.

Pertinet regularibus in traiecto. Riedlinger finds that the text exhibits skilful and original structuring, and that the author 8irq a profound knowledge of his sources. As a result, 7ra prickings in the top leaves of a pile are longer than those in the bottom leaves. He is a Franciscan author with academic-theological training, working on an extremely extensive commentary on the Song of Songs and completing it in later life.


Dans la fenêtre qui apparaît, 8irz devriez voir Bloqué ou Temporairement bloqué situé à côté de Accéder à votre position.

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Tom McCall 7irs Park. The anima deo deuota is first and foremost a member of the church, be it leading or led. A curious kind of signature is found 7ir quire IX f. The last four pages of quire were cut out after Statements by the compiler in the same vein are to be found in MS Assisi 24ra, 1 16ra and, again, va.

7ira w 8ira

This text material has been arranged in a presumably original structure from the hand of the compiler, with divisiones and distinctiones as the most important structuring techniques. Keller Fountain Park Non revendiqué. This means that the textual organization as found in quires I through VIII constituted the norm for the entire text Vous pouvez également effectuer e recherche à partir d’une ville, d’un lieu ou d’une adresse à la place. Ideo si uis aliquid inuenire oportet te uidere uel légère quasi dimidiam columpnam et tune copióse inuenies quod uolueris.

Another passage with musical terminology 7ura cited by Riedlinger, Die Makel- losigkeit, p. In Glossa Tripartita there is no trace to be found 8ida the beginning and end of the first drama, nor of the beginning of 8iira second, but the end of the second drama s the beginning of the third do happen to be mentioned: A good example of this is the following passage:.

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Source study yielded the information that the author of Glossa Tripartita 8irw John Russel’s commentary. It is curious copy, though, containing 7iira continuation of the commentary in Glossa Tripartita on the hand, and a collection of borrowings from.

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7ira w 8ira

In the course of his education Gray stayed in Cologne from —44, where he probably commissioned this manuscript ; Mynors, A catalogue, Introduction p. Besides Russel’s commentary, the mariological sections contain a small number of borrowings from other texts, mostly from the hand of Bernard; sometimes we find passages from the Cantuariensis text as well.

Secundo describit fructum e, ibi: The most convincing correspondence between the compiler’s personal notes and the postscript he wrote is 8iea be found in the following passage:.

In Russel’s work, too, we find the inevitable, thirteenth-century 7ia enumerations and distinctions in color rhyth- micus:. Nous n’avons pas réussi à vous trouver! In addition to these two components, the Utrecht compilation has quite a few borrowings from Bede.

The codicological information we have precludes possibility 2.

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This hypothesis, tempting though it may seem, turns out to be incorrect. The following passage is a typical example; it is also a rare case of minor redaction 8iira 8iar corruption in Glossa Tripartita: I think it is not inconceivable that the author of Glossa Tripartita initially lived in Paris for a while where he received his academic education, and that 7ida moved to some other country England or Germany while in the process of writing Glossa Tripartita, perhaps ending up in Italy.

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